Bio Luxe Invisible Before And After Care

Do you have elements about your skin that annoy you? When it comes to facial beauty, numerous approaches and treatments have come up that can help you remove flaws and achieve your desired results. While that is the case, you may still struggle with choosing the best treatment option for your skin, given the many available alternatives. Thankfully, with the help of a dermatologist, you can opt for treatments with low risk and high returns in the appearance of your face. Such includes BioLuxe skincare treatment.


BioLuxe is a skincare treatment used by cosmetic dermatologists in Houston to moisturize the skin and cause various improvements in the general appearance of the skin. The BioLuxe invisipeel plays a significant role in reducing the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, and other skin flaws. Some of the uses of the invisipeel in cosmetology are:

  1. To retain your skin moisture.
  2. To give you a radiant and smooth complexion.
  3. To make your skin appear brighter.
  4. To improve the firmness of the skin.
  5. To minimize the appearance of scars, sunburns, and dark sports.
  6. To exfoliate the skin.

How Does BIO LUXE Invisipeel Work When Applied?

Although it is a chemical peel, it works differently from the typical ones in how it targets and penetrates the deeper layers of the skin. We recommend BioLuxe Invisipeel at Aviva Dermatology because it stimulates skin regeneration without damaging the upper layer of your skin by targeting the inner layers. As such, some of the defining elements of the Invisipeel compared to the standard peel in cosmetology are:

  1. No downtime – you can resume everything, including wearing makeup, immediately after the procedure.
  2. No peeling of the skin
  3. No sunburn effect
  4. No need to avoid the sun – as long as you moisturize your skin with products with SPF, do not be afraid to walk out in the sun after your treatment.
  5. No pain, burning sensation, or discomfort after treatment
  6. Works well for all skin types

Such incredible benefits of this treatment make it safe for usage, according to the standards of skin cancer dermatologists near you.

Preparing for BioLuxe Invisipeel Treatment

Not much preparation is necessary before your come in for the treatment. Do not be concerned about exfoliating your skin beforehand. If anything, exfoliating may make your face a bit sensitive during treatment, so that you experience mild stinging. Instead, you only need to come with a clean face free of makeup. Expect to undergo a series of four weekly treatments for a year unless you need a touch-up as per preference.

Benefits of BioLuxe Invisipeel

As expected, some patients are quite skeptical about trying out cosmetic procedures like skin Peels. However, the outstanding benefits and features of BIO LUXE Invisipeel will calm your nerves and address most of your underlying insecurities. Some of the benefits are:

  1. Reduces skin flakiness – while still exfoliating it.
  2. Improves the smoothness and evenness of rough-textured skin
  3. Works well for all skin types – dark-skinned patients do not have to worry about abnormal pigmentation, whether hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation, after their treatment.
  4. It can be used all year round – if you want to include it as a continuous skincare routine for your face and neck, you can.
  5. It does not disrupt your normal routine – a treatment session should last for about 30 minutes afterward, you can apply makeup on your face immediately and resume your daily routine.
  6. Versatility – the treatment is effective for both facial and non-facial skin in your body. Other areas besides your face that can benefit from the treatment are the legs, arms, and hands.

Aftercare Measures After BioLuxe Skin Treatment

Usually, post-treatment skincare for BioLuxe Invisipeel is simple and easy to maintain. Since no downtime or skin peeling occurs after your treatment, you should continue taking care of your skin as typical. Ensure you moisturize properly every day to keep your skin rejuvenated at all times. Besides, you should never skip using sunscreen as a daily skincare habit for long-term healthy skin.