Our skin is often a reflection of our health and wellness, and nowhere is that more visible than our face. As we age, our face develops flaws and blemishes that reflect damage from the passage of time and environmental factors such as sun exposure. An infusion facial in Houston, TX, is a cosmetic procedure that effectively restores a healthy, youthful appearance to a patient’s facial skin. Dr. Simone Stalling offers this innovative treatment at AVIVA Dermatology using DermaSweep technology. Are you interested in rejuvenating the appearance of your facial skin? Contact our office to get started!

What Is an Infusion Facial?

Infusion facial begins with microdermabrasion to exfoliate the upper surface of the skin followed by the infusion of a gentle peel selected based on your skin condition. This procedure resurfaces the epidermis and encourages the renewal of cells. An infusion facial session takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. The timeline for treatment is usually based on six sessions, once per month. The results are an increase in collagen production and thickening of the dermis in the face, which increases firmness and reduces the appearance of fine lines. This procedure also improves the skin’s tone and elasticity while soothing any skin spots that are red or inflamed. In addition, infusion facials will make your skin less oily and reduce hyperpigmentation so that your face appears bright and rejuvenated.

Caring for Your Face

To maintain the results of their infusion facial and minimize the signs of aging, patients must care for their facial skin. This means avoiding unnecessary exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet (UV) rays by wearing sunscreen for protection in addition to hats and sunglasses. In addition, it’s advisable to stop smoking as this behavior poses serious skin damage to the face. Use gentle cleansing products and drink plenty of water so that your skin remains hydrated. Are you interested in a DermaSweep infusion facial near you with the skin experts at AVIVA Dermatology? Contact our professional team for a consultation to see if this procedure is right for you. Our staff is committed to your health and wellness, including restoring a youthful and healthy look to your face. We look forward to your appointment!