Micro-Needling Explained With Its Benefits And Uses

Micro-needling is a technique the cosmetic dermatologist Houston utilizes to treat various skin conditions. Micro-needling is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure helpful for treating skin conditions encouraging collagen production. An alternative name for this treatment is collagen induction therapy helpful if you want to reduce the appearance of acne scars and stretch marks on your body.

When you receive micro-needling therapy from an experienced provider like the skin cancer dermatologist near me, the procedure helps address many skin-related complaints such as wrinkles, scarring, acne, alopecia, stretch marks, rosacea, et cetera.

Micro-needling is also helpful in skin resurfacing because the dermatologist near me uses micro-needling to deposit medicines like topical tretinoin or vitamin C deep into the skin to encourage treatment of various issues, including acne scarring. If you want more information on this subject, we suggest you continue reading for the information you need.

The Functioning of Micro-Needling

Micro-needling functions by increasing the production of collagen and other healing elements by causing trauma to the skin. Collagen is a protein essential to keep the skin’s youthful appearance with a firm, smooth, and stretchy texture.

Aging causes the body to lose collagen leading to the development of wrinkles and other signs of aging. Your skin can also experience loss of collagen from injuries like acne scarring, scars, and stretch marks. It is essential to note micro-needling is not a quick fix like getting chemical peels near me for many skincare clinics. The treatment requires several months before you can see visible results of the procedure.

The Benefits Micro-Needling

Studies from 2018 reveal micro-needling are safe and effective to rejuvenate skin besides treating scars and wrinkles. In addition, the American Academy of dermatologists has confirmed patients can expect a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, scars, and stretch marks.

Are There Any Risks Involved with Micro-Needling?

As with any skin resurfacing treatments, there are some risks of skin irritation involved with micro-needling treatments. Other side effects you may experience are swelling, discomfort at the site, bruising, redness, and skin flaking. In addition, bleeding can sometimes occur to micro-needling after deeper treatments.

If you have an active skin infection, acne, keloid scarring, and unstable skin, you may not be suitable for the micro-needling treatment. Therefore you must see the dermatologist near me to determine your suitability for the treatment before planning to move ahead.

The Micro-Needling Procedure

The dermatologist near you does little pricks under your skin with a pen-like tool during the micro-needling procedure. The pinpricks are incredibly tiny, leaving them unnoticeable officer procedure. The skincare specialist moves the tool evenly across your skin to ensure the new skin that rejuvenates will also remain even.

You receive a topical anesthetic on your skin before the clinician starts the procedure. The anesthetic is delivered to you an hour before your treatment, and the micro-reading process requires approximately 30 minutes. You also receive calming therapy after the procedure. Therefore you can expect to remain at the skincare clinic for a couple of hours.

The Costs of Micro-Needling Treatments

Micro-needling treatments can cost between $ 100-$ 700 per session, depending on the area being treated. Facial micro-needling treatments cost around $ 300 per session. Micro-needling treatments are considered aesthetic and not covered by insurance providers. Therefore you may have to consider the cumulative costs of the treatment before committing to the procedure to ensure you are not surprised by the overall bills.

You must also consider micro-needling treatments require 3 to 5 monthly or biweekly therapies depending on the results you want to achieve. Therefore you must discuss the entire treatment with the Houston dermatologist to achieve the best results.

What Can You Expect after Micro-Needling?

Unlike plastic surgery, micro-needling is not an invasive procedure. Therefore the recovery time from the treatment is minimal. You may experience some skin irritation and redness during the first few days after the procedure. However, you can return to work or school if you feel comfortable following the treatment.

After micro-needling treatment, your skin works relatively quickly to rejuvenate your tissue allowing you to witness results within weeks. However, suppose you intend to maintain the results of your treatment multiple sessions or complementing treatments. In that case, you will receive sufficient advice on the plan of action from the dermatologist treating you based on your individual goal.

Are There Alternatives to Micro-Needling Treatments?

The popularity of micro-needling treatment currently makes available several home remedies costing you lower prices and encouraging you to purchase the micro-needling device for use at home. However, micro-needling is a professional procedure best performed by a board-certified dermatologist if you intend to witness visible results. Therefore while you can get some home rollers, you will benefit by receiving professional micro-needling treatments if you want to rejuvenate your skin to make it appear at its best.