The Main Causes Of Hair Loss In Females

It is normal to lose at least 50 to 100 strands of hair in a day without even noticing. However, it becomes questionable and creepy when you wake up and realize that almost half of your hair is gone. Do not let that scare you because there are various reasons why you might be losing so much hair. You’ll find out more about the reasons for hair loss in this article.

Hair loss, also known as “alopecia,” is the excess loss of hair experienced by a person. It could either be sudden or gradual. When a person is losing so much hair on the head, it means such person is becoming “bald.” However, hair loss doesn’t affect just the head. It can also affect other parts of the body that have hair. Hair loss is not related to females alone; males lose hair too, especially on the head. Hair loss is actually quite common in males. However, most men don’t dig deep into their hair loss issues like the way women do. Nevertheless, the decision on what to do about hair loss lies with the individual, be it a male or female.

Some people hardly notice that they are losing so much hair until half of their hair is almost gone. You can notice if you’re losing excess hair if you have noticed a gradual thinning. For women, the line that separates their hair into two parts becomes broader than it used to be. Also, you might notice bald spots that look round like a small circle on your scalp without hair on it. The creepiest of them all is when you pull out a handful of hair from your scalp, either when washing your hair, combing your hair or, even after a soft pull. The sudden hair loss can also be related to the medications the individual takes. For instance, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy experience sudden and excess hair loss on all parts of the body where hair can be found. If you notice a sudden hair loss and you’re not sure why, before going for over-the-counter products, you should visit a dermatologist near you or a dermatologist in Houston.

What Are the Major Reasons for Hair Loss?

There are various reasons for hair loss. One of the common reasons for hair loss in females and even males are genetics and family history. In some families, they don’t have so much hair and even lose more as they advance in age. You would see that the male’s hairline recedes gradually as he gets older and the female’s loose hair at the middle of their hair as they grow older. This type of hair loss is not preventable since it is a situation that occurs naturally.

However, there are other reasons for hair loss that doesn’t gave to do with genetics. Hormonal changes like pregnancy, menopause, and childbirth can cause hair loss. Also, eating the wrong kind of food can cause hair loss. It could be that you have allergies to some kind of food that might affect hair growth. This is why eating a healthy diet is important not only for a healthy body but for good hair growth too. Furthermore, medications for health conditions like heart diseases, cancer, high blood pressure, and some other serious health issues can cause hair loss. One can also lose excess hair due to excess stress. Also, if the hairstyles you make are harsh on your scalp, you might lose excess hair over time. Be gentle with your scalp and do hairstyles that won’t stress your scalp so much. This affects most people who have very soft scalp.

Is Hair Loss A Sign of a Serious Medical Condition?

Hair loss doesn’t always indicate that you have an underlying medical condition, but sometimes excess loss of hair could be a warning sign that there’s an underlying health issue. This includes health conditions like alopecia areata, an autoimmune skin issue that causes hair loss on the head and other parts of the body where there is hair. Other health issues include hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, celiac disease, ringworm, and Hodgkin’s disease. If you are experiencing excessive hair loss, you should see a dermatologist who would examine your skin and recommend solutions that can help you.

Are There Treatments for Excess Hair Loss?

Yes, there are ways to prevent hair loss and treat hair loss except for hair loss caused by genetics which is not preventable. The treatment can either be in the form of a cream, serum, pills, therapy, surgery, or injection. For instance, Minoxidil, a medication that can be bought over the counter, keeps the hair from falling and enhances hair growth. Also, a protein-rich plasma PRP injection might be given to the patients to enable hair growth. This is done by extracting blood from the patient and then removing the platelets. After the platelets are analyzed, they will then be added to the blood before injecting it into the patient again. Most dermatologists always advise the patient about their diet. Eating a healthy diet will also prompt hair growth because sometimes the hair loss may be caused by poor nutrients. Always go gentle with the hair. Don’t apply too much pressure when pulling your hair.