We pride ourselves in the treatment of all skin conditions including the hair and nails. We take a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment of all ages from infants to seasoned adults.


Surgery is often indicated mostly in the treatment of skin cancer. We perform in-office surgical procedures for benign conditions, biopsy proven skin cancers and minor cosmetic surgeries.


Our goal is to stall the aging process. From topical therapy to neurotoxins, fillers and microneedling, we specialize in addressing your cosmetic skin needs to battle the aging process.


Going to a dermatologist near you isn’t the indulgence that some people may think, but seeing a dermatologist in 77024 about the skin conditions you have can help reduce problems with acne, dry skin and treat skin cancer removal houston. At Aviva Dermatology, our skin experts provide medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatologists in Houston for skin problems. Along with in-office treatments where we can give you botox houston texas, teach you to take care of your skin at home, what skin creams or lotions to use to keep your skin moisturized, and how to protect skin when you’re out in the sun. We also treat problems with warts, moles, cold sores, skin tags, and sun spots, as well as scalp conditions like dandruff, alopecia, and hair loss. We are also a qualified skin cancer dermatologist near you, so do not delay diagnosis or treatment – call Aviva Dermatology today!


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